Glossary definitions not showing up

Oct 22, 2015

Hello all, I'm in the process of creating a glossary for a course I'm building and my definitions are not showing up. I found the section of the color scheme area where I can adjust the colors for the glossary but I can seem to find anything that would change the color of the text of my definitions. I tried finding an answer to this question in the forums. I did find one thread addressing this very problem but no solution was ever shared. I've attached a copy of my .story file.

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Jesse Kramer

I found the problem. It is a very non intuitive solution. The color selection for the text color in the definitions is not in the Glossary portion of the color editor. It is found under editor. Attached is a screen shot. I'll post this to the feature request since logically I would think it would be found under glossary not editor.



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