Graphic Animation

Jun 30, 2023

I've seen in another module where you hover or click parts of a graphic and they magnify or animate. The one I attached I saw in a module someone else made doing this but I couldn't figure out how. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Steve Gannon

That's an Engage circle diagram, Deena. Open your Articulate 360 app and then open Studio 360. Select Engage 360. When you select New Interaction in the upper left of the window that appears, you will see a number of interaction options. In this case, it sounds like you'll want to select the Circle Diagram. Once you have created your interaction, you can import the Engage .intr file into Storyline.

Deena Spencer

You guys rock! I ended up doing something a little different with the graphic. I set up hotspots for each item on the graphic and when the user clicks the item it will start an audio explanation of that item. I thought I could just add a second trigger to stop the audio when the user clicks it again. However, the two seem to be cancelling themselves out and now there is no audio at all. I can't find a variable to add to either one. How do I get the first one to stop on the first one if the user clicks a second one?

Steve Gannon

Glad that worked for you, Deena.

Attached is your file, now with a quick Engage slide added so you can compare. You will have to publish the .story file to see the Engage slide in action.

I have also attached the Engage .intr file in case you want to play with it.