Graphics (all formats) coming out blurry

Hi! I'm struggling with getting my graphics to not appear blurry. I've tried what is discussed here and here to no avail. I have the latest update of Articulate 360 (3.21.17083.0) and need to use Chrome. It's happening with .png, .wmf/.emf (vector outputs from Illustrator), and it doesn't seem to matter much if I have it pre-scaled to the size I need it in Articulate. Sorry I can't upload examples (company policy). Any ideas? Thanks!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Corrine! Thanks for letting us know you've already come across this article, since that's usually the first thing I would recommend! I'm sorry to hear the recommendations didn't help you. 

I understand you'd also rather not share your image files, but since it's the best way for us to demonstrate the problem and document a defect, we'd happily accept those files shared here privately if you change your mind.