Grouped objects - Adding/Removing objects to a group

Jul 25, 2012

Hi.  I have a few objects that are grouped together.  If I want to add one to the group, I would think I could drag or cut and paste and object into that group?

I can't figure out how to add, or remove an object from a group other than ungrouping the whole group, making my changes, then re grouping the objects I want grouped.

Is there an easier way?  Thanks!

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Nadia Zaid

That´s what I was afraid of. 

If I ungroup the items then I lose all of the motion paths associated with that group. If I use Ctrl+G (as discussed above) I can add an object to the group, but then to get the whole group to move as one, I have to recreate the motion paths I already created.

Here´s an example of what I have/need to do. Let´s say I have two squares that create Group 1. I have motion paths (Let´s call them motion paths 1,2, and 3) and triggers that work with Group 1. I used control G to add a square to Group 1, thus creating Group 2. When I try to change the triggers to work with Group 2, motion paths 1,2, and 3 aren´t options, so to get the same effect I´d have to re-create the motion paths. It took me hours to get the motion paths just right so I´d like to avoid re-doing it and it seems like there would be a way to do so.

Does that make sense? I´m basically wanting to do the same thing discussed above regarding SL1 and was hoping it had been addressed in SL2.

Karen Siugzda

Ashley, Ungrouping the original group causes triggers associated with that group to break. What we're asking is to be able to simply drag a new item that's added to the timeline into a set of items that is already grouped in the timeline, maintaining the original group name and maintaining all links to triggers, animations, etc. without creating a new group of a group.

Alex Evans

So I don't know if anyone already came up with this but I just figured out away to edit objects/text/images within a group without un-grouping and messing up your triggers/motion paths etc. Simply click on the drop down arrow of your group in the timeline, select the item you wish to edit and then enter the states tab. From here you can edit the normal state without un-grouping and messing up your triggers. Hope this helps!

Pablo Sánchez

If you're worried about Animations:
Select your existing animated group (from now on called old group). Group it up with the elements you want to add in. Use Animation Painter to copy the Animations from the old group to the recently created one. Ungroup old group.

If you're worried about Triggers:
These won't disappear until you ungroup old group. Change the components of your trigger on Trigger View to point to your new group, and only after that ungroup old group.

Sorry for resuscitating an old thread, but thought it might be worth sharing.

Dennis Neufeld

This is a great workaround!  Thanks!

I would love to see a feature that solves this issue though.  Perhaps being able to drag items into existing groups from within the timeline would be an option.  OR it would be great if sub groups would "follow" their parent group (any animations, motion paths or triggers would then be retained). 

Ali Goulet

Hey Ahmed!

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes- I'm happy you're here 😄

Without seeing your file, one idea that comes to mind is putting the group on a layer and setting up a trigger to show or hide the layer when the user clicks a button. 

If you'd like to share what you have so far here, you can add your .story project file as an attachment right to a comment. Our community may be able to weigh in with other ideas for your specific setup! 

Katrina Lewis

Hello all! This is my first time posting in any of the forums but I am so excited I just can't hide it.  I sat here for 3 hours reading threads and testing a template I am using from this site to add a video to an existing group without losing all the triggers.  I had the same issue after reading and trying the different ideas shared on these threads. I figured out the "workaround" to the missing feature to copy and paste or move elements freely in and out of existing groups without losing your triggers!

Here is how I was able to do it (thanks to combining various tips I read on this thread). 

1. I opened the group I wanted to add the video (or object) to.  I copied all of the elements within the group.

2.  Pasted the elements into the timeline.  Now there is the original group and the copied ones as individual elements.

3. Create new group from the pasted elements and now include the video (or shape etc) that you wanted to add.

4. If there are triggers and animations, go to the Animation tab, select the original group and click Animation Painter

5.  Paste the animation to the new group you created

6.  Edit the triggers to link to the new group and updated in my case, the line motion path.   Keep in mind, the copied animation motion path was assigned a new numerical value, however, it is the exact same line motion as the original group.  SAVE

7.  Now you can either hide or delete the original group.  I suggest only hiding it so you won't lose the original triggers/animation.

I really hope this helped.  This project is due tomorrow and I made promises to add videos to the template that I was thinking I was going to have to break..until now.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Katrina and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

This is an amazing first post and representation of what the community can do for you :) 

I love that you came in here to share your knowledge back with the community because that's what it's all about.

Congrats on your project completion and best wishes!

Griz Morrison

This is still an issue with Storyline 360. 

What people are complaining about in this thread is not that we can't figure out how to create a new group or ungroup things, but that we want to be able to add an object to a group that exists and already has behaviours defined for it.  


Mark D

Sorry to be cynical, but a lot of these things likely don't get addressed (like a scrollable timeline, for example) because the software appears to be based on a PowerPoint foundation, and they don't want to re-build it from the ground up to be something better. SL is very capable, but the visual and design aspect is extremely limiting. I wish they'd keep the trigger and variable functionality and build the design/visual aspect entirely fresh.