Grouped objects - Adding/Removing objects to a group

Jul 25, 2012

Hi.  I have a few objects that are grouped together.  If I want to add one to the group, I would think I could drag or cut and paste and object into that group?

I can't figure out how to add, or remove an object from a group other than ungrouping the whole group, making my changes, then re grouping the objects I want grouped.

Is there an easier way?  Thanks!

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Mark D

Hate to be a negative Nelly, but this thread is years old. Seems any fundamental changes to core functions of SL are not forthcoming. I know it's essentially PowerPoint on steroids, and the trigger functions are fantastic, but more needs to be done to overhaul the core platform of SL or people will start to move on to more sophisticated tools that allow basic functionality such as flexible grouping, real-time scrolling timelines and more sophisticated animation tools. The fact that you can't even edit or deal with simple vector animation is lame. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Patrick! 

There isn't a way to add a table to a group, but instead you could add the objects you want to group to a layer.

We'd love to hear more about how grouping a table could help you. Would you be up for logging a feature request to tell us more? If there's anything else I can help with in the meantime, please let me know! 

Jeff Forrer

Just an add on to this, another reason to be able to add to an existing Group.

I have a motion path on a group of objects.  In order to add another object, I have to UnGroup, then add the object, regroup, then I have to redo the motion path as the path gets removed on UnGroup.  Would be nice to just be able to drag the added object into the existing Group.  Thx ;0)

Dominik Ginthier

I am currently experiencing the same "issue" as Jeff. I have a motion path on a group and if I would like to add just one object to the group I have to ungroup and regroup, which causes the loss of the motion path and all related triggers. It would save A LOT of work by adding this feature. 

Erin S

Raising my hand on this one too. I have a pretty complex interaction where I need to add 3 more shapes inside of a group, but I am unable to do so without breaking all the animations and triggers associated with it. As it was mentioned earlier in the post, being able to drag the object into the existing group on the timeline would be extremely helpful. 

Do I need to submit another feature request or can this be added to the current one?

Ren Gomez
Hi Ken,
Thanks for the feedback. While we acknowledge this feature has been discussed for years now, we're committed to making sure its impact and benefit come first. You can read more about our process here.
We don't have plans for this feature yet, but we'll continue to track requests and update this discussion if anything changes!
Lee Ratcliffe

I have been using storyline since it first came out, its a basic but brilliant tool. What I find so frustrating is that it has so much potential to be so much better.

Time and time again I read and post in discussions / forums on here about issues like this very one (unable to add items to existing group without creating a new group and screwing up all triggers and animations assigned to the original group) 
I see so many people calling out for simple but extremely frustrating issues with work flow to be fixed. If I had the time I would go back through my years of storyline torment and forum interaction to list them, but I don't.

The most frustrating thing about this is that often the staff responding (who are clearly doing the best they can, but don't really have the power to change anything) will do one of 3 things:
1. Not grasp the issue at hand and suggest a work around that doesn't really help, almost knowingly ignoring the fundamental issue at hand (because they know it won't change).
2. Address the clear issue at hand but just say "I will log this as a feature request" (requests that can span 7 years across multiple threads of begging for issues like this to be fixed)
3.  We are told the feature isn't important enough, which suggests that the developers haven't ever actually used the tool and tried to create innovative learning experiences. The fact that simple work flow efficiency issues like this are considered 'Features' is mad.

Articulate are lucky that noone else bothered to create another simple powerpoint plugin tool like storyline because I'm sure with a little consideration of user experience it would be easy to make a much better tool.

Yes this is a 'negative' post which will no doubt be ignored and i'll be considered just a 'difficult' can't please all right. but the fact is storyline is a good tool that could be so much better if it weren't for lazy UXD and a community being ignored. I want it to be better so that I can work better and do more.

Phil Mayor

I see a lot of posts in the community like this and understand how you can feel ignored. I really think the Community team do a great job, the reality is that Articulate rely on the community to let them know what they need. There are competing issues here they are trying to give us what we want but at the same time give us something we don’t know that we need. The community is one of the real strengths of Articulate and the staff play a very important role.

I believe the track record of Storyline 360 is really good, the new trigger panel is a real work flow treat, new triggers, media library, text to speech etc. At the same time Articulate rewrote the HTML5 engine, removed flash and improved reliability and accessibility.

More of the items requested in the community are being added and from what I see in the beta it only gets better.

I would love to see add to group, however probably have a list of 10+ things ahead of that. Keep on posting I can assure you Articulate are listening.

Lisa Spirko

It's absurd that it's been over 8 years, and Articulate still hasn't added this capability. I have created a feature request. I encourage others to do so, too, if you haven't already:

Maybe if we bombard them with enough requests, this will end up on their radar. :\