GSAP workshops on Articulate Days 2022 Belgium ( Brasschaat ) and the Netherlands ( Maarssen )

Nov 19, 2022

This week i gave 3 workshops on GSAP in Storyline at the Articulate Days. It was a inspirational experience well organized by the Courseware Company. Got inspired myself too by presentations by others. What especially impressed a lot of users was my multiplayer game setup. Here you can test it yourself.
Open it up in two different browser windows and register with a different username. It is not needed to fill in a email-adress, but those who do i will invite to my website where i will be sharing how to get this done in Storyline. I will be making tutorials on this and more GSAP and Javascript related things.

When registered you will see a 'puppet' with your name. For now it just appears... and you can chat... type something and click 'Send Chat'. It will appear in the bigger box. When doing the same in another browser will see the online user(s) and the chat. We tested this in the workshop sessions...and up to 36 users showed up without any issues. 

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Kyle Yates

I think this is the primary next hurdle for improving Distance Learning using Storyline. All other things can be figured out using articulate alone, but this one requires a skillset that I've only seen you figure out. 

I typically use AWS buckets for external web storage and our LMS for internal. I'm not sure if this uses SCORM or html?

I would be incredibly interested in viewing these workshops or attending one if they are virtual. Or if you were willing to email a screen recording example of the process (I registered with email to your link).

Math Notermans

Im working on content for this. Making multiplayer games with Javascript in Storyline.
At the moment working on a 'lobby' element. For now it works in creating ( in Storyline ) a game in the database...and sending a invitation to multiple users by mail ( directly ) with both a shortcode link and a QR code for logging into the game.

In this approach you can use both...Scorm ( or xAPI ) and Web.
The workshops i gave at the Articulate days were quite basic. Getting to know Javascript and GSAP was tough enough for most users there.

Will share it when i have a course on it online.