Have text box appear once a character has been hovered

Mar 16, 2021

Hello, I'm trying to have a text box appear once a character has hovered. I tried multiple things but can not manage to get what I want. Any advice pls? 

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Michael Gallagher

The easiest way to do this is by adding a Hover state to the character. 

Select the Character and go to the "States" Tab. Select EDIT STATES and add a new state HOVER from the dropdown.


Now select the text box you want to appear when you hover over the character and cut it (CTRL+X)

Now go back to your character and select the EDIT STATES button again and then select your HOVER State. Now Paste the text box you copied into that state. (Ctrl+V)

Cindy Pevenage

Actually, I am able to create the hover the box. But once the learner has seen the text when they hover I would like to have another text box somewhere on the slide to appear. 
i have tried with change state of the text box to hidden when timelines starts then change state to normal when character is hover but It doesn’t work... any suggestion?