Help! Can't seem to fix small content for simulation

Dec 02, 2020

Hi there,

I have tried resolution and story size and cant seem to resolve. The video slides for each simulation step are so small. I would like this to be full screen and we are having this problem with all of our sims in storyline. Can you assist? I have attached the file. 




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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Omar,

Thanks for sharing what you are experiencing with your course and for sharing the .story file so that I could take a look as well.

At first glance, my recommendation would be to adjust the slide size to 16:9 vs 4:3 and it looks much better to fill the screen based on the first slide. I can see that you have a screen recording starting on Slide 2. 

  • To optimize your screencast so it fills the entire slide, be sure the size of your recording window matches your slide size.

I recorded a quick Peek 360 video as I walked through a way for you to adjust and in the future be sure that you set your story size and then record your screencast in the same size. I've attached the sample I created as well.