HELP! Font changes when importing russian translation

Mar 22, 2016

Hi there!

I have an storyline file that has been translated into Russian.

When I import the translation the font name is changed.

The Source document (in english) uses, for example, the font "proxima nova", when I import the translated text, the font name is change automatically to "proxima nova cyr" which is non existing and looks like arial unicode. I have to go replacing them back 1 by 1 to the original font. 

Why is it doing that? The font that the course is using support cyrillic. 

How can I fix this? 

I remember having similar issues in the past.

Im using Storyline 2 update 5: 1505.515

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Catherine Orfald

You might try this... I just posted it on another thread since I've had this happen frequently:

Since I kept seeing this issue occur over and over, last time I exported a file for translation from Storyline 2, I first changed the "Normal" font in the Word file to my desired font before sending the file out for translation. I tried this because I noticed that even though the text was in the correct font after exporting, the table cell endings (added automatically to the document upon exporting) were in the Normal font style, which happened to be Calibri, for me. I suspect this may have been what triggered the font error replacement in previous imports, since this time importing worked fine! (Previously, I had ensured the font was correct within the Word doc cells, but I did not check or change the table end-of-cell-markers.)

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