Help! I just finished creating my first course, looks great on my computer but no one else can view it...........

...  I, mistakenly I think, thought that once it was in html I could just share the link.  Now, upon further reading, I need to upload it to a web server which I don't have.  I thought I could maybe use my website Weebly, but according to their website, they are not set up to do FTP.  Any ideas?  When I first learned Articulate I was a student and needed to upload to a LMS so I wasn't aware of this "road block".  Any ideas would be appreciated.  I am self-employed and buying Articulate pretty well shot my budget so I'm looking for an inexpensive option. 


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julia collins

Hi Kim

Congrats on completing your first course.

you could share your course using Google drive or dropbox.

Instructions here

Or alternatively publish to cd and give users the cd

hope this helps you

There are also many other options sush as amazons3 and tempshare


Kim Hofmann

Thanks Julia, I'll give it a try tonight.  I quickly glanced at the article and it talked about Google drive.  How would I do this with dropbox?  I saw that google the google drive feature will not work after August 2016

UPDATE 1/7/2016: Google is deprecating this feature and it will no longer work after Aug 2016