HELP! LMS error when trying to publish a S2 file

Sep 11, 2019

Our LMS is giving the following error when trying post an S2 .storyfile file:

ERROR: The following files specified in the SCO manifest are missing from the packaged SCO.

I checked the story_content/mouse files in the the published folder and it shows:




I have no idea why the LMS is looking for different mouse.png files than those that are published... and don't know how to fix it.






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Katie Riggio

Hello there, Sandra!

It sounds like you went through these steps to prepare your Storyline 2 course for LMS, but the platform is giving you those errors. So sorry that's happening!

First, let's upload the published package in another LMS environment to be sure there's nothing wrong with the course. We like to test in SCORM Cloud since it's industry-standard. 

If you'd like a hand with testing, you can share the output file with us by using this upload link. We'll help you get to the bottom of this, and delete the file after!

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