Help needed before publishing new storyline...

Hoping someone can give me some advice please. I'm new to using Articulate (Storyline 3) and am nearing completion of my first ever build. 

Company practice is to pass any learning content to a technical team for sign off. If I publish the course so that the 'expert' can review, can I amend the course if they recommend changes?

 They do not have access to Articulate, nor do they work in my local office, so not something I can send to them to review in draft mode. I've reviewed other feeds and have seen the cake analogy, so if this is not an option, what suggestions would you make?

Thanks in advance!


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David Tait

You could upload your course to a web server and have the expert send you feedback. Once you've implemented the feedback, upload another version for final approval.

Here's some info on publishing for the web: