Help- Remind me about attempts/revisiting

I completed a course a few weeks ago and it has been giving test takers a lot of trouble.

I think the source of the problem is in question attempts and what happens when a question is revisited.

This is what I want to happen:

A student takes a quiz.  When an answer is wrong, they see that it's wrong and they go on to the next question.  At the end of the quiz (they are short 2-question quizzes), they have the opportunity to take the entire quiz again.

I *THINK* that I should have the questions set up for 1 attempt and the slide set up so that every time the question comes up the slide is reset to its initial state.  Is that correct?  OR does the 1 attempt setting mean that a student cannot change his answer when he tries to retake the quiz?

I wanted to ask first because I'm going to need to change THIRTY quizzes and don't want to get it wrong. :)

Thanks in advance!


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