Help required on first course quiz

Hi.  I am working on my first Storyline 360 course which has to be out to the pilot group through our LMS tomorrow morning.  When I published to LMS everything worked well except the quiz results don't show up.  

I  have included a pic of my results slide in Storyline.  I am wondering if I may be doing something wrong with the success and failure layers.

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Joe Dey

Kelly, unfortunately you have sent me the published output files which of course I cannot manipulate.  It's the 'story (project) file that is needed.  Also I took a quick look at your fire course and I note that the audio clips overlap each other when the learner clicks on another link containing audio before the previous audio stops.  That is obviously something you might want to take a look at.  Your Quiz questions appear in the menu (which is expanded) but your navigation is set to restricted, so there isn't really much point in showing them. On the 'Next Steps' slide your 'Code Red Procedure' and the 'Code Green Procedure' links do not work, I suspect they point to something on your hard drive.   This means that the quiz did not display since I suspect it relies on a trigger that has not been activated given these links do not work. So, I was not able to get to the Quiz and therefore am unable to view any further issues or be more helpful.  Sorry... 

Kelly Taylor

Hi Joe:

Apparently I can't even figure out what file to send which shows how in over my head I am...LOL:)

 I think I have the right file attached now and would appreciate if you could help me with the quiz.

I really appreciate all of your help.  I will take a look at your other suggestions too.

Joe Dey

Hi Kelly, thanks for the story file.  This is a really good piece of work and I like what you have done here.  I don't think its that you are over your head, its just that a few things needed to be fine tuned.  OK so I changed the following:

  1. On slide 1.4 you have a base slide containing a slider and 5 layers.  The base slide and each of the 5 layers also has audio content. When the slider is moved (to show layers) before the audio has ended, then the audio on both the base slide and the layer plays at the same time.  I have corrected this: on each layer I clicked on the settings wheel and enabled 'Pause timeline of base layer'.
  2. On slide 1.5 - set a trigger to pause the audio when the layer shown and changed the order of your triggers.  Created a replay button on the layer to return to the base layer and resume that layer (including its audio file). (You could alternatively choose to restrict the user showing the layer until the base layer timeline ends by placing a trigger and a condition on the No. 1).
  3. On slide 1.6 you have 4 layers, each layer has a trigger to jump to slide 1.6 when timeline ends, I have changed these to Hide Layer when timeline ends. Also, as per slide 1.4 your audio on the base slide and on each layer overplayed each other: I used the same method to correct this.
  4. Collapsed the Quiz part of your menu.
  5. Question 9 is a drag n drop question, on the left each static item is stacked vertically and each contains a single letter spelling from top to bottom the word REACT.  Your drag items each contain a sentence and the first letter of each sentence begins with one of R E A C T, corresponding the same letter in the left column this makes it simple for your learners to guess the correct answer sequence.  Not sure if that was intended?
  6. I have added a start page to to the quiz so the learner can enter their name into the text entry box to personalise their quiz and result.  This is associated with the userName and surName variables which I also created.  You can simply delete this slide and the associated variable if you don't need it.  
  7. Your results slide has a time limit of 60 minutes to answer 10 questions. Is that what you intended? I have amended the triggers on your results slide and it should now work.

Hope you find this useful.