Help. Slidea don't want to refresh when a user goes back


I have a course that is built in Storylie. Most of the things work fine, some doesn't work, but the biggest problem is that when i navigate throuhg the slides and go backwards the contant (speaker) doesn't refresh. Button refresh doesn't work either. The only thing I can do is to move timeliner in toolbar manually, but it's not an option for our users. Can anyone help me?

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Steve Flowers

Hi, Olga!

This is an easy fix. Each slide has a default property of "automatically decide" what to do When Revisiting the slide. If you change this property to "Reset to initial state" using the gear icon next to the base slide it'll refresh to the initial *fresh* state. You can bulk apply this in Story View by selecting multiple slides and adjusting the dropdown next to When Revisiting.