Help Understanding Multiple Choice Questions for Second Attempt

Feb 18, 2018

Could someone help explain the meaning behind multiple choice questions and how the three options work:

  1. Reset to initial state
  2. Resume saved state
  3. Automatically decide

I really prefer that any multiple choice questions I provide in my courses and in my test banks require the students to retake the test without knowing what choice they provided before.  I have read the help instructions, however, I am still confused on how storyline determines which option it will use if I leave the selection to the default setting.  

I am presuming I should always use “reset to initial state,” but just wanted to be certain this is correct.  Again, I would love to have someone else try and explain this so it makes more sense to me using scenarios or examples.

Thank you!


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Veronica Budnikas

Hi John,

If you want your users to re-take the question on revisit, then you are correct in setting it to Reset to initial state. 

The Automatically decide option will, as a general rule, reset simple slides with no interactivity, and resume state of slides that do have interactivity (e.g. buttons have been pressed, etc).

John Mayfield

Thank you, Veronica, this helps. 

My main concern is on the automatically decide option.  I have created some basic multiple choice questions in Storyline and sometimes the answers will be shown on a retake.  I can't understand why, as I do not have a lot of extra content on the slides.  To confirm, if I don't add anything to the M/C question, should it always default to the student NOT being able to see their previous selection if I leave Storyline in the default mode?  

Thanks again for your help.


Veronica Budnikas

Hi John,

No, if you choose Automatically decide, then when the user comes back to that slide they will see their choice from before (i.e. Automatically decide will decide on Resume saved state).

You've probably seen this already, but this is how Articulate describe it in their documentation:

Automatically decide

This is the default option. Storyline will decide whether to resume the slide or reset it based on the objects it contains. Here's the logic:

If the slide has only simple objects and/or audio but no interactivity, Storyline resets the slide to the beginning of its timeline.
If the slide contains interactive elements, such as buttons or other objects that have a visited/selected state, Storyline resumes the slide where it left off previously.

Because quiz questions have interactive objects (i.e. radio buttons), the SL will resume to saved state. 

If you don't want that, then you need to set quiz slides to Reset to initial state.

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