HELP.....Videos are not playing in Articulate 360

Nov 17, 2018

I have created some content using photos and MP4s.  When I run the module in the Timeline, it looks great.  When I run the module in Preview mode, its great.  However, when I publish to 360, the playback either doesn't play the videos (only shows first frame) or it plays other videos in the file out of order.  Very odd and VERY frustrating.  Attached is the file, please help!!  Thanks!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chris,

Thanks for sharing the file. I'm seeing the same behavior as you on slide 1.4 and anything I'd done to try and change it, keeps the second video playing first or the first video with the initial screenshot. 

I'm sharing with this with our team of Support Engineers to have some additional eyes on it, and they'll be in touch as soon as they've taken a look. I'll follow along too. 

Katie Riggio

Appreciate you sharing your file with us, Paul!

I published the course to Articulate Review where I'm having some trouble reproducing any playback issues in Chrome 70. Have no fear, though, we'll get to the bottom of this together!

Do you run into the same roadblock when testing this Review URL? If so, let me know which slide(s) to focus on so I can try to replicate the behavior. Also, what browser(s) are you using to view the content?

Katie Riggio

Thanks for this extra insight, Paul!

Ah, I see the playback issue on slide 1.16 now. Yikes! I'm not finding anything in the source file that would cause that to happen, so I'll need to share this with our Support Team for a closer look.

Look out for an email from soon, and I'll follow along to keep this discussion updated with any new information!

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