Help with animations/color on PPT timeline

Hello Articulate Community!

I pulled this timeline from the community and made a few edits.

Could I get some helping getting the animations and color correct?  I can't seem to do so. Once the timeline is correct, I plan to upload this file into Storyline. 

I've attached the file.  You'll be able to see quickly what's going wrong.  I look forward to learning from you, how to do it right!

Thank you!


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Walt Hamilton

I wasn't real sure what you wanted, so I tried to make all of them like the first slide.

The most important thing I did was to standardize the elements. Some of the groups had ovals in them, and some had the icon in them, and some did not, so it was very difficult to know what I was working with. Another element that makes it more difficult than necessary is that there were groups within groups. It is a simple matter to Ungroup a group, AND NOT click on anything. Then you can use CTRL_click to add and subtract items until the group has only, and all of what is necessary. I put the large oval, the triangle, and the icon in the groups that I worked with. After that it was easy to know what was happening. On each slide, the animations were all the same, and that's the key to easy and accurate animations that build.

First the elbow - wipe from left 0.5 sec

Then the small oval - appear after previous

Then the text or icon group that is below the date - wipe from bottom after previous (Text 0.5 sec, Icon 0.8 sec)

Then the other group above.

Then throw everything else out, and Bob's your uncle.