Help!! with Drag and Drop Questions!!

Nov 29, 2016

Hi everyone, 

I'm working on an e-learning course for a client and i need to create a drag and drop question, however i also need to have multiple wrong answers within the options. The question is to match the correct term to the letter 

e.g. t = truth e = evaluation etc. but to have multiple wrong answers within the mix to get delegates to think about the answer

I'm using Storyline 1 (one)

Can someone please help me with this or is this not a feature available on SL1? I've tried to add in other answers but i just can't seem to get it to work :/ 


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Lea Niven-Smith

Hi Veronica, 

I've tried creating a drag and drop question (as i need this to be graded) but it only allows me to write answers in where there is a 'question' to drag the correct answer to.

Am i right in thinking that states won't do this? I thought that it was a function that was available on SL1 and SL2 (I trained on SL2) but i may be wrong?

Thank you, i may take you up on that option :)

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