Record drag and drop question answers without feedback

Jun 15, 2015

Hi everyone,

I'm hoping someone can help me with the following. 

I'm trying to create a drag and drop question where 

a) I record where people dropped the item (not just whether it's correct/incorrect, but the actual drop item that the drag item was dropped on)

b) The participant does not receive any feedback on whether their answers were right or wrong.


What I'm trying to do is use the drag and drop question as a survey question. Does anyone know how to do this?


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Mandy Schippers

Hi Sagar,

Thanks for your response, I'm still exploring options, I'd like it to be saved in any way that allows us as a research team to know what the participants answered (we're looking into using Storyline as a research tool, seeing as there aren't any research tools that allow creative question types such as drag and drop).

I can imagine that maybe there is a help section on the more general area of saving data from quizzes, but I haven't been able to find an answer to this specific question.

Kind regards,


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Mandy!

Sounds feasible to turn off the feedback to the user, track results, and be able to report on them. I'm sharing some information below.

Articulate Storyline lets you give learners feedback as they answer questions, then branch them to different parts of your course based on their responses. See this tutorial to learn how.

This article describes the quiz data that Articulate Storyline communicates to learning management systems (LMSs) for SCORM and AICC content.
Articulate Storyline is designed primarily as an e-learning development tool to be used in conjunction with Articulate Online or your own learning management system (LMS).

Any LMS that is compliant with SCORM, AICC, or Tin Can API will also provide accurate tracking capabilities. 

Tracking results in a text file or database isn't supported. If you'd like to track your Storyline content without an LMS, we recommend consulting our other community members in the forums.
Mandy Schippers

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for your very helpful response! If I can ask a followup question, student_response would be the variable we need exported (we use Moodle which supports SCORM so we should get that to work) - do you know if student_response also gets recorded in a free-form drag and drop question? Do they collect all the same information as normal questions do?

Thank you,




Mandy Schippers

I've made some progress with my testing but unfortunately still cannot get the participants's actual responses across from my articulate course to my moodle course.

I have 2 drag/drop questions, which are tied into a results slide. I then publish to LMS with SCORM 2004, and in the 'tracking' menu select the Results slide to be used for tracking. When I import that SCORM package into Moodle, I get information on each question, but all I get is 'incorrect / correct', but no information on what the answer actually was. Am I doing something wrong setting up the results slide or SCORM package in Storyline?


Mandy Schippers

Thanks Leslie,

I imported and completed the course in SCORM Cloud and there it does give me the response data. So looks like our Moodle LMS isn't able to record the information, but there's nothing wrong with the scorm package that articulate creates.

Thanks for helping me pinpoint the issue!



Joseph Willis Jr


I tried it out and it seemed to work. The correct answer table is gone by editing the html file so the Correct answer table is turned into a comment. See below and attached image.

if (!g_oPrintOptions.bSurvey)
// document.write("<TH>" + g_strCorrectAns + "</TH>");

document.write("<TH>" + g_strStudentAns + "</TH>");


then further down in the file...

if (!g_oPrintOptions.bSurvey)
//document.write("<TD>" + strCorrectResponse + "</TD>");
document.write("<TD>" + strUserResponse + "</TD>");


Thanks for helping me brainstorm with this!


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