Help with Initial vrs Saved - I think I need some conditions/triggers

Nov 14, 2014

Hi Community,

I've received some great help and hoping my lastest issue can be solved with some help.

I have a lesson, there are some slides that the learner must view all tabs or answer the question. However, upon review of the lesson or viewing these slides a second time... I want to allow the learner to skip. I have tried many times to set the slides as "initial state, automatically decide, saved state". Neither of these work perfectly. The saved and automatically show feedback boxes which block the content on the slide. I am left with initial state option, which is annoying to make the learner redo that slide. I think my answer is with triggers/variables. I'm kind of new to these but have some experience. I would like to have some condition if the slide has been viewed once, it may be skipped. Any ideas?


My file is sort of big, so I've stipped out the background and all other slides.

Please let me know.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Vanessa,

Did you mean to attach a file here? I don't see one included so you'll want to upload that again so that we can take a look at the behavior. 

What you're describing with the variables and conditions would be a good way to start, and it may be something that you'll want to set on the final review button - so that the user can jump over those slides, and how you set that up will really depend on the slides themselves and what else you have included. To get you started you may want to review the information here about triggers and variables.  You may also want to review the last post by Rebecca in this thread on how to skip elements like content slides on a quiz review, as you may be able to apply the same behavior to your set up. 

Vanessa M

Hi Ashley,

I have followed Rebecca's tutorial. I now have things set to all the learner to skip to the next slide. However this method works by setting the variable on the review lesson button on the results slide. In addition, I would like to allow them to skip if they are mid lesson but want to navigate back a few slides. Basically, if the slide has been viewed one time, I don't want to force this slide to be viewed again.

Any ideas.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Vanessa,

I'm glad Rebecca's example worked for you - partially. In regards to how you'd like to have it set could set a trigger to adjust a variable on each slide (each slide would need it's own variable) based on when the timeline ends or the user clicks on the next button to advance. I'm not sure I understand how this is going to work with your set up - as if they try to revisit those slides, and instead they skip over them based on the variable being adjusted...that may be more confusing to the user? 

It may help to explain a bit more about what you'd like to set up, and under what conditions the user will be able to navigate backwards or need to skip slides so that the community can weigh in and offer additional ideas. 

Vanessa M

It seems that Rebecca's example didn't work for me afterall. I have so many triggers, I think something is conflicting. I'm sure there is a way to get this method to work but I couldn't do it.

Ashley you asked me to explain a bit more.
- there are about 5 slides in my lesson that I am forcing the learner to view all buttons/states or answer a question.
- if the slide has already been viewed once, skipping it should be allowed.
- there are two instances I can imagine this happening, reviewing the lesson after completion (as in Rebecca's example), or mid lesson the ability to jump back a few slides

Jacinta, thanks for this idea. I will give this a try too. I don't however love this visually as I think an extra button clutters a bit, or it may be asking for too many clicks. I'd rather use the Next button if I can get this to work.

I also asked a Storyline expert at the CSTD conference last week. He didn't know the solution on the spot.

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