Help with Layer returning to base slide and true_false variable !!

I have an urgent need.

I'm testing the draft of a course due for review and two problems keep occuring.

- Layers on a free form pick one or pick many keep returning to the Base slide. I turn everything off because I wamt them to go to another layer from clicking a button or hotspot on the current layer. What is it?

- Second I create a variable to enable Next if, for instance, all markers on the slide have been visited. Call it Nextenable.

I set the markers (or transparent object) to have a hoover state. I set each marker to change state when the mouse hovers. The I adjust the Nextenable to change value to True (it was False) when All markers have mouse hovers (I've done visited state). But the variable won't change for ALL.

I've tested it and it will change if I set for one or ANY.

This is an urgent deadline today. Please help!

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Raj  Freelancer

HI LInda, am not understanding the first point,

for second point . just create the variables according to the button numbers and for each button set a variable and enable the next button. i know its lengthy process but if you are triggering the variable with a button state it wont work most of the times better to create variable and try it. please see the attached files for more information