Help with Notes Tab in Storyline 2

Hello, friends! I'm having a struggle with a course I'm building and I hope your beautiful brains can help me. :-)

We have created a player template that uses a navy blue background, and the text for the menu and notes tabs is white. (The template was created by someone who is no longer at the Bank.) We have a course where we pasted text into the Notes frame, and for some reason, it is showing up black when we preview the course. We can change the text color in the Notes frame to white, but then we can't see it without previewing the slide. We can't seem to locate where we can control the font color for the Notes tab - can any of you point me in the right direction?

Thanks for your time!

Shari :-)

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Shari Hanlon

Thank you, Melanie...that is helpful! Our challenge is that there must be another place, besides the Notes panel in the Storyline UI, where you can control the color, because we've always been able to type into the panel with black font yet it showed up as white in the Notes tab of the player. For some reason, that setting got tweaked and I can't figure out how to untweak it! :-)


Ryan Moscoe

Hi Shari,

I just saw your post, and I'm not sure if you found a solution to this, but you can control colors from within the Player window. On the Home tab, click the Player button in the Publish group.

Click the Player button

In the Properties tab, click the Colors & Effects button, then click the "Show advanced color editing" link.

Colors & Effects

Finally, open the "Edit item" menu to select the specific item for which you want to change the color.

Edit Item