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Good morning,

Long time reader, first time poster. :) Can someone look at this and let me know what I'm doing wrong?

I'm trying to block the learner from the last menu button (Code of Conduct) until they click on and complete the other four course sections (Values, Questions, Principles and the Quiz). If they click on the Code of Conduct button group before they've completed the other four sections, I want a pop up layer to prompt the learner they need to complete the other sections first. Any tips?

Thanks in advance!

Tennille Zatrepalek

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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Tennille and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Great question and thank you for sharing your sample .story file so that we could take a look.

On the icon you wanted locked, I noticed you were using a disabled state. This will not allow you to 'click' on the item. I'd recommend a custom state to accomplish a similar effect, which you could do by simply duplicating this state and re-naming.

Take a look at Scene 2 in the attached project where I made this modification and your course seems to be working as you wish.

Hope that helps!