Help with triggers in Storyline 2

Sep 03, 2015

I have a trial copy of Storyline 2 and stuck on a particular item. I have a video on my base layer together with a button. The button triggers the video to pause and to show another layer (named URL). This URL layer has a web object which launches a URL to display in a new browser window. This works OK and this is where I'm stuck. When the viewer closes the browser window they are returned to the video.

I need the video to play on return, and I need the action to be instantly repeatable. (currently actions one time only.) I don't seem to find actions relating to closing external browser windows.

Any help will be much appreciated

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Walt Hamilton


The attached file has two methods to do what I think you are asking for.

Since I don't know if you want to restart the video on the baseline or continue it, I also included both of those methods.

Each slide has one method of going to a URL. Slide 1 returns to continue the video, and slide 2 returns to restart it.

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