Help with Variables and Triggers in complex free form

I'm creating a fill-in for missing letters in a reading exercise using triggers and variables, but I get an error message that says I need "you must complete the question before submitting." 

I'm basing my development on the awesome tutorial Jeanette Brooks developed for fill-in-the-blanks ( 

The 'very rough' development file is attached.  If there's something I'm missing or an easier way to accomplish this, I'd appreciate any advice. 

Once I can get past the error message, then I also would like advice on setting a 'tab order' so the user can simply tab between blanks. 

Thanks much!


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Michael Wilder

Walt, I did that and it solves that problem, but I still get an Incorrect response stating that I didn't answer the question correctly.  However, I've checked my variables several times.  Can you see anything else going on in the triggers/variables that might be returning an "incorrect" response? 

Thanks you. 

Walt Hamilton

On the layer, put a text box with"%blank1%" for its contents. That will show the value of the variable. Create one for each variable, and that will tell you if all the variables are being changed.

Wait, looking at the copy of the triggers above, I see that the incorrect list says "if blank3 is not = (blank), and that would do it.