Hidden State not working

Aug 10, 2022


I have attached two versions of the same slide from a course I am building.

I would like to have the continue button remain hidden until four boxes that will link out to resource documents have been visited. 

The first slide, I have the complete button on a layer that should appear when all of the boxes are in a visited state.

The second slide I have the complete button set to be hidden when the timeline starts and return to a normal state when the boxes have been visited...

Neither is working and I cannot determine why.  Any help would be appreciated.

2 Replies
Michael Gallagher

The second slide is a better choice for what you want to do. The fix is to delete the trigger hiding the "Continue" button when the timeline starts. Instead, select the "Continue" button and drag its start to the beginning of the timeline. Then, select the "Continue" button and go to Edit States". set eh initial state of the button to "Hidden". That will make it work.