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Oct 11, 2012

Hi Heroes!

With my LMS, I must send a passing score in order for it to record so I created a "Finish" button which is really a hotspot quiz question. I have set the course to close once the finish button (hotspot) is clicked which would score the quiz 100%. The results page is behind this slide and is never seen by the user. It doesn't seem to be scoring like usual. If the user does not ever see the results slide, does it still score? Anyone know a work around for this?


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Kate Hoelscher

From what I have seen, you have to have the user visit the results slide, even if it looks like a normal slide to them.  What I would do is have a next button a slide or two prior that is your 'quiz' question.  Then your final slide is the results slide without showing the actual results to the learner (just delete the info). 

Good luck!

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Julie,

This is by design. Result slides won't show up in the menu of the player. You could copy the information and place it on a "final" or "thank you" slide after the results slide that could be accessed from the menu. Alternatively, you could add the information to the "Resources" tab, so the user can access your contact information at any time. You could then either just repeat the information on the results slide, or direct the learners to the tab.

Hope this helps!

Have a great day,


Diane Smith

Actually, if you don't want the learner to see the Results Slide and you want the LMS to show passed/incomplete or completed/incomplete based on a quiz slide (or quiz bank, etc) - you DO need to have a Results Slide that reports against those quiz questions, but you only need to add a Slide Trigger (I put mine on the last slide) that says "Submit results (Results Slide) When the timeline starts (Last slide)" - SCORM Cloud reports the quiz results and "complete" based on quiz scoring. My Results Slide is in it's own scene that is not linked to any other scenes or slides. I hope this helps others. 

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