Hide that mouse!?

Apr 25, 2014

I have a slide from a screen recording, where the mouse is going to toggle a favorites "star." Well I would like the mouse to go away after the screen recording starts. Since it just stays on the screen it covers the favorites "star." Is there anyway to make that dang mouse go away once the screen recording has begun or finished? When I double click the mouse icon it wont allow me to change the enter from path either.

Tahnks for all the help!


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Liz Bastian

I have the needed mouse click at the end of the timeline, but it just sits on the screen for the length of the slide. I need to hide it until the end when I show the user where to click to move to the next screen for system demos. Please tell me this is being fixed! I'm using Storyline360. So maybe it's just something I don't know about?

Leslie McKerchie

Hello PJ and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

This thread is a bit dated, but I believe Tim was trying to share a solution to help out the issue found where the mouse cursor moved to the top.

Tim shared:

Just know that the mouse will fight you back...occasionally, it will jump to the top most level if you are changing the timing or moving objects around to different levels on the timeline. Just throw it back under the object when that happens.

Are you using Storyline 2 as well PJ?

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for the additional information PJ. I do not see that a similar issue has been filed for Storyline 360, but I'd be happy to take a look at your .story file. Just let me know the slide to focus on.

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Katie Riggio

Hi, Felix. Thanks for reaching out!

Unlike other Storyline objects, the beginning and ending of a cursor's movement is controlled by the timeline, not the appearance and disappearance of the cursor itself. This article gives more detail about working with mouse cursors.

The feedback shared in this discussion is valuable. Your need is heard, and we take all of this insight into consideration as we prioritize and plan for future enhancements. I'll keep this everyone here updated with any new information!

PJ Connolly
Olha Tomashevska

In order to solve the dissapearence problem, you might consider using the custom cursor as shown in the attachment. It`s possible to adjust any aspect of this "animation", so it might be quite handy. Feel free to use it

Great example. Thanks for sharing!! Very simple too.