hiding layer when user clicks on object on the layer

I followed a discussion that was posted several months ago on how to show multiple layers at the start of the timeline and was successful in duplicating the steps.  The base layer shows an office.  Each layer has an object on it.  Now I want the user to be able to hide the layer (i.e. the object on the layer) by clicking on the object - in other words to 'clean up' the office. 

I believe I need to create another trigger but I've tried creating a trigger on the 'layer' menu and that didn't work (when I follow the trigger menu and instruct it to hide the layer when the user clicks on the object - it doesn't disappear).  I've also tried creating the trigger on the 'base' layer and that didn't work. 

How can I do this?


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Walt Hamilton

Right click on layers apparently does not function. This thread: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/sl2-right-click-trigger-fails?page=4 seems to indicate that at one point the problem was fixed, but as of three months ago is still not working (or not working again). I would encourage you to submit a problem to support.

If you change the triggers on the layers to click, they will work.

Mary Field

I did get them to work. Thank you.

I have a subsequent question. When I preview the slide the hand cursor
appears over two of the objects but if I don't take my mouse over to the
objects using a particular order, the hand cursor does not appear over them
to signal the user to click. In other words if the user goes to click on
object 5 first, the hand cursor does not appear. If the user goes to object
2 first the hand cursor appears. But if the user goes to objects 3, 4 and 5
first - the hand doesn't appear.

Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks again for your prompt help.


Walt Hamilton


These triggers were part of the problem:

Each layer had a trigger to load another layer, and they went on and on, in a circle, until it got to the small coffee cup, which was set to hide the other layers, and it all started again.

I deleted those triggers, and set small coffee cup so it didn't hide other layers.

Then, the small pile of files was set to prevent clicking on the base layer. I don't know why, but when I deselected that, it all worked.

Mary Field

Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, Walt. I’ve managed, with your guidance to get the job done. The reason I created those cascading triggers was the result of reading a discussion thread about the issue. I had been having difficulty after inserting triggers, to get all the layers to appear when the timeline started. Cascading the triggers seemed to help that issue but then the subsequent problem arose. Go figure computer, huh?

Anyway...all is well today.