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Carrie Eaton

And, yes, I've got each layer set to hide other layers. But the last one is left on screen. So to clear the screen, not matter which one was last chosen, I need to hide them all. Basically I want one click on the base layer to do several things (check for correct answer, etc.) and right now they have to click twice on the base layer, once to hide whatever layer is showing and then again to make their next choice. Hope this makes sense!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Carrie,

Each layer would need to have a trigger to hide it - although I could see a feature for "hide all layers" as a trigger being useful. You may want to share your thoughts on that set up here with our product development team.  Also, if you're able to share a sample of your project here, the community may be able to assist in coming up with other creative ideas and workarounds to set this up. 

Carrie Eaton

Well, rats! I typed up a reply and then didn't post it!  ;-)

So I'll attach a file.

Yes, Emily, you're describing how I want it to function correctly. Problem is there are 10 possible answers for the task with 10 possible versions of feedback for each answer.....for 100 triggers. And there are 10 tasks!?

I may try putting the feedback on the screen and then changing the state of the feedback instead of having separate layers. Seems like that would save some triggers....just a shadow of an idea yet. Will try that.

In the meantime would appreciate your taking a look to see if I'm missing something simple!

Emily Ruby

Hello Carrie!

Have you considered using a built in Quiz question for this slide?

I created a sample here with an idea. You can use a multiple choice slide, and remove the grading option, if not needed, then use the built in feedback layer with your custom feedback for the appropriate selection. The submit button would check the answer, then the Continue button from the feedback will close the layer and let them select again.

You can customize the feedback layers how you need and add text/objects as needed as well.

Attached is a sample. I only did 5 options, but hopefully this would help. I will look at you file a little more to see if i can come up with other suggestions.

Carrie Eaton

The client really likes being able to choose multiple items and see immediately if they're correct. But let me look at this and think about it more!

Though it's a lot of triggers, if I polish off one task, copying and editing for 9 more is certainly do-able....just have to change the states of each answer to right/wrong/could be and then change one digit in the variable name that contains the feedback. I'll see what makes the most sense!


Rose Duligall

I've just come here looking for a solution to this problem, but I've just thought of a fix so I thought I'd share it:

You could maybe add an extra layer with the 'Hide other slide layers' option checked.

Add a trigger to a close button (or whatever you're using) to show the 'hide all' layer.

I think you may have to add something to that layer - use a transparent rectangle or something. Also add a trigger to that layer that hides itself and that should hopefully work and it should just take you back to the slide base layer.

If you wanted to just show a specific layer, you could add another trigger to do that?

Just a thought :)

Mary Bertke

The solution I just came up with: Create a box with no fill and no outline, send it to the back of everything else.  Invisible, but if the user clicks anywhere that doesn't have anything visible, they click it.

Create a layer called Refresh, with nothing on it, set to hide all other slide layers (except the base layer).

Set a trigger to show the Refresh layer when the user clicks the background box.