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Hi everyone, I'm looking for some feedback on a new folio piece.

The piece is focused on the use of variables to produce a interactive and narrative-driven scenario - Topics covered are "Dynamic Pricing Introduction - economics".

This piece showcases:

  • The use of variables for mathematical calculation (Multiplication, Add, subtract, display average and divide)
  • The use of variables for conditional release / triggered events.
  • The use of a single variable (i/o) for custom menu interactions.
  • eLearning audio design
  • Custom narrative 
  • Custom interface design

Time to produce: About 5 days from concept to creation.


Thanks in advance


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Kathy Lee

I really liked the sounds and music you put to this course. Adds an extra dimension to the design.

I though the checklist would be checked for me as I went along. And I wonder if it would make sense to display the entire list at the beginning and tell the learner, this is what you're going to do?

I have very little background in economics, so I wasn't sure what I was doing when I was doing when surveying local customers for feedback. Perhaps the activity is what an economist would do in real life? How would I know how much each would pay?

Laurel Schulert

Can I offer a few grammar corrections?

When Mr. Austin is first introduced, the period is missing from his name (Mr Austin).

The wrong "its" is used; when it says "the establishment first opened it's doors" it should say, "its doors."

The first time it says "menu" it actually says "manu."

Overall, I love the design of this course! I like how it doesn't feel slide based. It feels like an interactive cartoon, and is fun to go through. I actually had a coworker pass my desk and ask what I was working on, and then stop to see how I navigated the film festival. I am very, very impressed with the overall design of this course!

Like Kathy said, I also got a little confused when I got to the part of setting each person's ticket price. I understand the concept of dynamic pricing, but got confused as to how and why I was charging each person a different amount. I failed the assessment because I came in under budget, and did not feel like I had enough information to pass if I repeated it. Do your learners have sufficient prior knowledge?

Nick Petch

Hi Kathy 

Thanks for your feedback, 


This same idea has been on my mind, I will proceed to develop the auto / guided checklist feature by assigning True/False conditions which trigger and tick each item when the user reaches each milestone.  Thank you for highlighting feature for me.


As it stands, this piece is just a folio piece and does not currently serve any learners in the real world - In a functional role, this piece would exist within a blended learning environment supported by prior instruction. However, I think you have made a solid point with regards to this and I will investigate further developing more resource such as an advanced Organiser to create a more stand alone instructional product. 


The dynamic pricing concept is an interesting one - ever wondered why there are three rounds of festival tickets ? or why mobile phone pre-paid costs are $50 which equals to $250 worth of calls?

Many thanks Kathy 



Nick Petch

Hi Laurel

Thank you for your feedback and for picking up on the typos - I will amend these :)

Do your learners have sufficient prior knowledge?

As mentioned in my reply to Kathy, this is just a folio piece, but I'm now thinking I need to expand a little - probably a little animated cartoon with a bit of humor which acts as an advanced organiser to cover:

  1. What is it
  2. How is it
  3. Why is it

 I will then relink each of these micro instructions back to the specific milestones / events  in order to help guide the learner without making things too behavioural based.

Your comments also suggest that I need to form some stronger feedback for the failed outcome , so I will take this onboard too! :)

Thanks a million Laurel.



Christie Pollick

Super cool, Nick! Thanks so much for sharing and you might also want to consider uploading your .story/source file so that others are able to get a more thorough 'behind the scenes' look at your project. You can do so easily by using the ADD ATTACHMENT button in the reply box. 

And to reach a larger segment of the community, you would also be welcome to post over in our Building Better Courses forum here, as well! :)