Hosting articulate storyline output in Office 365 sites


I need to launch the course in our office 365 sites. How do I embed or upload the files? I have tried creating a document library folder then upload the output folder in it. When I click on the "story.html" file, it opens a browser but give me a blank page. Please help!




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Toby Hone

Hi there, I have a similar challenge. I need to host them somewhere within the 0365 suite, so our sales team can access them with their phone. 
I read the posts about converting html files to aspx, and adjusting browser settings but this sounds like a house of cards waiting to fall with the first bug that on them. 
the most novel solution I’ve come up with so far is to set up a ‘planner’ board as the e-learning hub and then each card has a web link to the respective articulate training module. This works seamlessly on the phone with planner app. However this is using an ‘orange to be an Apple’ and I’d much prefer to have the same sort of ease with sharepoint. 
The other option i can think of is to email the link and get them to file the emails in a e-learning folder