May 05, 2013


I have had an issue with Hotspot.  I have a Hotspot slide with a couple of buttons on it.  One is for closing the window and the other is for showing the main menu of the course.  The thing is, as I click on either of the buttons, Hotspot interferes and displays the "Incorrect" slide.  Is there anyway I could leave these two buttons unaffected by Hotspot?  Thanks!

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Jin Hiya

Hi Christine,

Thank you for your reply.  The user will need to be able to jump to the course menu or quit the course while taking the quiz. I have uploaded a mock-up of the project for your review.  I am aware that the menu and close buttons can be created as player tabs instead.  However, the actual menu I am using in my project is a progressive type (meaning the user can jump back to any chapter of the couse they have already taken but not ahead) and those menus are set up within each slide as slide layers, making it impossible for me to use a player tab as the menu button.  Thanks for your help!

Michael Hinze


sorry to jump in here, but maybe the attached file accomplishes what you want. If you want to keep your current question setup, you need to find a way to 'catch' incorrect answers (like clicking the Menu button). To do this, I set up a new variable "MenuClick" that is set to true by the menu button. In the Try Again and Incorrect layers, I added triggers that show the various Menu Qx layers. Have a look, I didn't fo this for the Close button, but if my approach works for you, you could applythe same concept to this button as well. 

Sinchu Raj

HI Jin, its a simple thing , just take the buttons in a new layer and call it through a trigger. you can use show layer trigger when time line starts. and also take pit hide other slidelayer option from all other slidelayers.. please have a look on attached file,

Christine - just have a look on the file and let me know is anyother way we can fix this issue.

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