Hotspots in storyline that allow "click through"

I have a number of objects on a page that have visible rollover effects. I would now like to place a single hotspot over them all in order to play an audio file if they are clicked on, but without affecting the rollover states.

So what I am in effect looking for is hotspot that allows "click through"
Is this possible with storyline?



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Math Notermans

When you add a hotspot above will block their 'hover'-behaviour, thus this will not work.

What you can do however is just add a 'Play Media' trigger to your objects when clicked.

if you have a lot of objects and thus donot want to have to add triggers to all objects, well then Javascript can handle it too.
You can add a Javascript that targets all objects you want and then trigger 1 or multiple audios with that. So the hover remains working by default Storyline triggers and the audio gets triggered by a Javascript called on start of the timeline.

Pete Smithies

Thanks Math for your response....
Do you have an example javascript?
It does still seem bizarre to me that what I would expect to be simple functionality - becomes so convoluted in Storyline... the more I use it, the more I get frustrated.
But I need to persevere, because it is the "tool of choice" of one of my clients.

Math Notermans

Yes. Here you can see it work.

Although Storyline has its flaws. With some Javascript you can tackle it all and make it do exactly what you want.

Writing a separate tutorial now how this is made...and adding the Storyline and code there you can follow up on that... Will add a link when that is done.

Math Notermans

Ah, ok. Keep hotspots separate from your group. And add triggers to the hotspots... but that will make your timeline cluttered allover so not really a solution.

Javascript probably is a solution. Add a Mouseover to the group. Check over what subelement it is and trigger something.  Tested that and although that works...its complicated to get the acc-name from an SVG image. Best choice probably is not using States alltogether but using Javascript for your hovers and clicks. That is what i do all the time.

Pete Smithies

HI again Math,

Thanks for your input and suggestions.
It seems to me that building anything with even a little more sophistication than the norm, is ridiculously convoluted with Storyline, I have used software that offers all the basic functionality that I need right out of the box - without the need for additional code - most of this is missing in Articulate - and I am dismayed to continually come across requests asking for basic features and  functionality - that go back years and in some cases nearly a decade - and yet not even on Articulate's roadmap- which is at best, scant. I will check out your example next week, as I have to deliver my project via Storyline - but it does feel like trying to fight with one arm tied behind your back!!

Warm regards