Hotspots not working in IE11 - Storyline 3

Dec 15, 2017

Hi All,

I have come across an issue when publishing Storyline 3 Try/View mode projects to Web when my end users are using IE11.

No matter which HTML 'Story' link I use to run access the module, the 'Hotspots' do not respond.

The 'captions' show when the mouse hovers over the hotspot in the 'Try' mode, but the interaction does not happen when the hotspot is selected. If the user selects outside of the hotspot, they get the 'Incorrect' message, but no matter what they try, the hotspot will not operate as it should. I have tried publishing in Web and CD, both have the same outcome on my end users IE11 machines.

The file works perfectly in Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

Has anyone else had this issue, and if so, how did they overcome this?

Unfortunately I cannot share the file due to company policy




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Anthony Richmond-Bailey

Hi Darin 

The issue was due to the HTML5 security settings that have been set by our own IT Security. 

I managed to get around this issue by publishing in Flash only, however that does give me the issue that a Right-Click does not progress the module (left click works but right click does not get recognised)  This is a Storyline 3 issue, rather than a corporate issue. I have raised it as a bug with Articulate but it isn't a priority as not many people publish try or test modules using only Flash.




Darin Fennell

Ok, so I created this module in Storyline 3 using the Record Screen/Try It options and publishing to HTML5 only. It includes a combination of standard slides (just text and audio) and step-by-step slides (hotspot selection and data entry). Over a hundred people have gone through the module and only about 6 people have had a problem. They all get to some point in the module and then are unable to advance. It appears to be related to the hotspots, however, they are not all getting stuck in the same place. I have gone through the module slide by slide, but have been unable to find the problem. I have also used the module in the LMS where the other users have had the issue and it works fine for me. At one point I thought, perhaps, there was an issue with the users browser (IE11) and HTML5. However, the fact that they are not all getting stuck in the same place would seem to rule that out. Any ideas?

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for this extra detail, Darin! I can appreciate that it's frustrating when only a few learners are running into an issue, especially when you're unable to replicate the behavior yourself.

Next time you hear a report about this, ask the learner to take a screenshot of the slide they are stuck on, and have them indicate on the screenshot where they think they should be clicking. We'll be standing by – and if we can find a trend, that will help us nail down what’s going on here!

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