Hotspots within a Scrolling panel problem

Aug 14, 2012

Hello Heroes,

I'm having an issue with hotspots within a scrolling panel. Yesterday, you gave me a tip that worked great to get the hotspots to be pulled into the panel. However, what's happening now is that when I go to preview the slide with the hotspot covering the text, if I scroll down the page, the hotspot stops working when I go back up.  

The hotspot changes the state of the text box to a highlighted state. So, when you roll over a sentence it's highlighted in yellow. When I scroll down the page in the preview and go back to the top of the scroll box, the hotspots stop working.

I was thinking this could be an ordering problem in the timeline, so I brought the hotspots to the front, but then it still has an issue with changing the state of the text box. Its as though they disappear or become inactive when the scrolling panel goes below the hotspot.

On the slide layer, I have resume saved state checked under the base layer's options too, but this still doesn't solve the problem.

I'm not sure how to fix this issue. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help,


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