hover over trigger not working correctly

May 01, 2015

Well, perhaps it's actually me that hasn't set it up correctly, but in any case, something's wrong.

I've got a light bulb graphic with two triggers set up:

1) to show the label for the graphic when the mouse hovers over

2) to show the light bulb as "lit" (yellow transparency graphic over it) when it's clicked

Neither of these triggers works when I run the Preview. Trigger 1 is set up as Hidden when timeline starts, and Normal when mouse hovers over light bulb object.  Trigger 2 is set up as Hidden when timeline starts, and Normal when user clicks same object.

One thing, the light bulb object is grouped (light bulb and cord) in the timeline.  Could that be the issue?  It does show the red box around the relevant part of the grouping when I'm in the Triggers dialogue box.

I've attached the offending scene, in case that helps.

Suggestions for de-bugging?  Thanks!



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Mark Ward

Hi Helen.

I've had a go at this and have a possible solution.  I made a few changes.

1.  Ungroup the bulb and the cord. Don't know if this is necessary.

2.  Delete the triggers that switched the state of the bulb to normal.

3.  Select the Light bulb, select the States tab and click Edit States

4.  Add a new state and name it Hover.  This is one of the default states so you can select from the drop down or type h.

5.  On the Hover state add the yellow glow and the text

6.  Select Done Editing States.

Now the only trigger you need is to move to the Safety meeting slide when the bulb is clicked.

Hope this helps.


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