Hover state and Visited state not working

Sep 04, 2023

Help needed :-)

I would like 3 states:
1) Normal: showing white background blue colored picture and empty white dot.
2) Hover state: brown background and text, no picture and no dot.
3) Visited: grey background, grey toned picture and green dot.

  • If insert the picture in the states of the shape it will not disappear on the hover state (and so will the dot not). 
  • If I put the picture desperately and add to a button set it will not change to visited.
  • If I try to add a trigger on the picture to change to visited when Object = true (each bias holds an Object) it will not change to visited.

Any good solutions??? :-)

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Ron Price

When using the built in states - there are some issues if trying to control when they happen.  There are some solutions regarding copying and pasting the normal items into the visited states, but the fact that you have some grouping here may make that challenging.  One option is to add a trigger to change the state to disabled when the user clicks.  Make your disabled state look like your visited.  This will turn off the hover for future use, but will also only allow the option to be selected one time.