How can I force users to view all slides, while still allowing free navigation?

The director loves the new eLearning module, but he wants to make sure that learners can't accidentally skip a section. I don't want to disable free navigation, because I designed the course to let users click in whatever order they want. 

How can I ensure that folks won't "miss" a section?

Ideas welcome! Cheers.

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Steve Flowers

A few ways to do this. The way I'd use is using a bit of JavaScript in a JS trigger. See the attached. Quite a bit going on with a small assortment of variables and some items on the master slide. Once it's setup, you can just modify the current slide variable and it'll just work.

Marie DesJardin

Thank you for putting this together, Steve! I'm running it by my mgmt as a possible solution. 

My browser doesn't like the version of JavaScript you're using; it keeps telling me I haven't clicked all the slides. What version do I need to have installed to get the Complete message?

Thanks again for your time.