How can I get my Results variables to add correctly?

Mar 18, 2015

I'm creating a master exam for a course that consists of importing a number of videos. Each video test is imported as a separate scene. I delete unneeded slides from each video and leave only the slides I want to test on.

Some scenes correctly show the pass/fail result (such as 5. Add Device), and others don't show the correct total or display on the scene Results slide (such as scenes 2 and 4).

How can I fix the variables (which I can't seem to touch on the video slides) so they pass forward the correct response? This is a paid certification course, so the total must be accurate. I'm attaching the story file. 

Thank you!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marie,

It looks like some of the results slides may have gotten mixed up in terms of tracking - and not sure if that's a part of the renaming or not? What I would suggest is for those scenes that are not working correctly add in a new results slide and delete the problematic ones. When I've seen a similar issue before that resolved it. 

Please let us know if you need anything else. 

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