How can I have two scored quizzes in one Storyline course?

Apr 19, 2017

I have a Storyline course for two types of employees, so I allow for branching in my project to two different quizzes, each with questions that are relevant for each employee group. 

How do I set up the course so that the results for either quiz are successfully sent to the LMS?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello James and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

You can track Storyline results by a single results slide. and even have multiple results slides within your course and then a 'result of results' if you wish as well.

When the course is published, you must specify the result slide that is reporting to the LMS. It sounds like that will not work in your case. 

If you do not need the actual quiz results, but simply need to be sure that the user passes the appropriate quiz, you may want to track the course by when the user reaches a specific slide.

Pankaj has popped in to assist you here as well and JavaScript is not my specialty ;) Hopefully that assists or perhaps this other thread with a community solution would work for you.

James Beckman

Thanks for your responses.

Here's some more information about my problem.

I have a Storyline course on a subject. Two different types of employees take the course and learn slightly different content on the subject. Hence, the course "branches" depending on if you're in the first or the second employee group so that each type of employee is instructed on the appropriate content.

Next, there are two quizzes in the course, one for each of the two different types of employees, which test those employees on the different content they learned. The course is designed so that each type of employee sees only the quiz that is intended for them at the conclusion of the content for them, and that they only take that quiz that is for their employee type (i.e., they only take ONE of the TWO quizzes).

So basically, I need to set up the course so that each employee's quiz score will be reported to the LMS, regardless of which of the two quizzes they take.

It is my understanding that Storyline only allows for ONE results slide for score reporting to an LMS. So it does not sound like I could report scores from two different results slides, which is what I currently have since there are two quizzes.

However, it is also my understanding that Storyline allows for the creation of a Master Results slide, which allows you to consolidate the scores from multiple results slide into one results slide.

As such, if using a Master results slide is the way to solve this problem, how exactly would I use such a master slide to accomplish what I'm trying to do?

Again, keep in mind that each employee will only take ONE of the two quizzes, They will not take BOTH quizzes.

Thank you.

Also, re: the JavaScript solution posted above, will that solution work if you have two results slides as I do (one for each of the two quizzes), if Storyline only permits the use of ONE results slide for LMS score reporting? Or will I still need a master results slide when using this option?

If you're saying it will still work, please be more specific about how and where to insert this code, as well any additional instructions.





Leslie McKerchie

Hello James - I cannot speak to the JavaScript, but check out the additional thread I shared in my reply above.

Users are utilizing a final result slide to report instances like you mention, but are simply lowering the overall pass percentage needed to accommodate the user not taking one of the quizzes. The tutorial for the result slide is included above as well.

Hopefully that helps you, but if not - others in the community may be able to chime in with better ideas for your design.

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