How can I link to/display a file (PDF) uploaded to the "References" tab?

Aug 16, 2019

Is it possible to click a "button" to show a file (PDF) that's uploaded under the "References" tab? I tried inserting a screenshot on a slide/layer and it looked terrible.

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Cara O'Leary

Thank you. I tried the URL/File trigger idea before asking. I *thought* it was linking to either my C drive or OneDrive to retrieve the file, but after looking into it further, I realized that is where I was publishing my SL files to. It wasn't referencing the PDF file, it was referencing the SL fil in the OneDrive folder. I tested it out by downloading the file to my desktop instead and linking to the PDF in the References tab worked. Thanks!

Jerry Beaucaire

I'm rereading your question and wanting to clarify, you are putting a Link to File reference under the RESOURCES  above.  Then you want to put a clickable button on a slide that also opens the same document?

I do this all the time and I make both links at the same moment using the same file on my local hard drive as the source of the "file" (not URL).   When it is published, that file is copied automatically in the published material.  It lands in the folder Phil noted above, so once the material is published, it does not reference your local drives in any way any longer.

Igor Akpovo


I have followed all the instructions on this page regarding getting a pdf to display on a slide. For whatever reason, when I publish the project, the link will not open. But when I click on the file in the Resources section, it opens. Can someone help me? I have attached screen captures.




Ren Gomez

Hi Igor,

Sorry to hear it's not working! There could be several reasons why the link is not opening correctly. Feel free to share your file with one of our support engineers to take a look and help you troubleshoot the issue!

Or, you could follow the steps in this article here to link your button to the pdf in the resources tab instead of an external URL. Let me know if this helps!

Igor Akpovo

Hi Ren:

Thank you for your reply. In fact, I followed the instructions in the article before posting here. It seems as though the file would not open because it was hyperlinked from a word or phrase inside a rectangle; that is, I added the trigger to a phrase that is inside a rectangle. When I added the trigger to the rectangle itself, it worked; however, there are other slides in the project where I hyperlinked a single word, and it worked. I am not quite sure why it would not work  with particular slide. 

Sincerely, Igor

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