How can I pass with 90% using only one Drag and Drop exercise?

Hi everyone,

I have only 1 Drag and Drop exercise (post-assessment) with 12 sticky notes. If one of the stick notes is incorrect, the learner should pass - 90%.

So, if I got all right = 100% = perfect!
if I got 1 incorrect answer = 0% = fail :(  But it should be 90% and pass.

How could I fix this? Do I have to create variables for each sticky note?
I have been trying to add points for correct and incorrect feedback, but no lucky!


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Louise Lindop

Hi Val,

I'm pretty sure each a drag and drop slide is either correct or incorrect, so yes, to do what you want to do you'll need to create at least one variable and add 1 to it for each correctly placed item, then create your own custom results slide based on the value in this variable.

Hope this helps.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Val,

We don't have partial scoring in Storyline, so you'll need to utilize a custom variable/tracking method. It's worth noting that the Results.ScorePoints variables created as a part of the results slide are not accessible and therefore you won't be able to pass the score directly to them. I'll defer to the community for other ideas or examples of how to accomplish what you're looking to set up. 

Valdete Ceolin

Thanks Louise and Ashley!

Yesterday I found Steve's answer in another discussion:

It's working very well.
When I finished it, I saw Louise's answer and she just confirmed my steps... Hehe!

Thanks a lot!