How can I tell what version and edition of SCORM a SL file was published in? (published for LMS)


I inherited several courses from a previous employee. We just moved to a new LMS and some are not working. I have the zip files but not the original story file. Is there a way to tell which version and edition of SCORM he published them in? I'm trying to figure out if that's the problem.

I couldn't find a thread on this so maybe it's not been a problem for others. I hope that means there's an easy answer and I just don't know it. ;)

Thanks for any help!

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Joshua Dunbar

Hey Shannon! You would want to unzip the SCORM packages and look at the root folder for the file imsmanifest.xml. Open this file with either TextEdit (Mac) or Notepad (Windows). Within the first couple lines, you'll see the SCORM version. 

- SCORM 1.1 you should see the tags <model> </model> and indication that it is 1.1

- SCORM 1.2 you should see the tags <schema></schema> and between them 1.2

- SCORM 2004 you should see the tags <schemaversion></schemaversion> and 1.3 or 3rd edition // 4th edition

Hope that helps!