How can you create a Pause/Play button or hotspot?

May 09, 2012


I have created a screen recording in try mode, and I want to add a Pause/Play button to all the slides.

I want to add this to the slide itself and not to the player.

When adding a trigger to the hotspot (or button) I see that there is a pause action available, but only for the media. As this is in try mode, there isn't any media playing in most of the slides.

How do I add a Pause/Play button to pause the animations within the slide?



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Phil Mayor

I have not tried this but you could add a button to show a layer and set this layer to pause the base layer when it is open.  Then you need a button to close this layer.

If you copy the button on the base layer paste it onto you layer, you could then change the button to say play (change the trigger to hide this layer) and you also have a toggle play/pause button.

Hope it works


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