How compatible are the Storyline 1 & 2 products with WebView for IOS?

Apr 11, 2017

We have the SuccessFactors LMS and their native mobile app uses WebView but I've heard of compatibility issues with content published using Storyline.  I don't personally have any specific issues to share as yet but we are an Articulate shop and just beginning to explore the SF mobile app and want to know what to expect.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jon,

Have you tried the course outside of the mobile app and just load it in the HTML5 output in mobile Safari? We haven't tested on LMS specific apps, so it's not something we can support - but if something isn't working in the HTML5 output, let us know and our Support Engineers can dig in and test your file! 

Lukas Dynos

hi Ashley,

we have an Articulate Storyline generated course that does not work on SuccessFactors mobile app. We explored plenty of options with SuccessFactors and the outcome points out to the Apple's WebView technology ( compatibility with Articulate courses. WebView technology is used in many mobile apps for learning to play video content on iOS devices.

Is Articulate Storyline published content compatible with WebView? For us this is crucial as we are corporate user of Articulate to create our courses and we operate on SF Mobile app where the content generated by Articulate do not work.

Benedict Li

I am in the same situation of Lukas. We have to use SuccessFactors mobile app as opening web browser is not an option for thousands of our front line team members who are not tech savvy and don't speak English.

I have had raised a ticket to SAP SuccessFactors on video related issues of SF app, unfortunately I received a similar answer from them that it is not their problem. I really hope Articulate can look into this matter and support both Safari and WKWebview. 

Thanks, Ben

David Tait

I've just encountered an issue with WKWebView too, and a Storyline 360 course not loading in an app context. 

When the course loads it won't load past ds-bootstrap.min.js in the lib directory. A quick glance at the code in this file looks as though the JavaScript is sniffing to find out which browser/device is being used to view the course. Because it can't find/doesn't recognise WKWebView, it seems that the Storyline course doesn't know what it is trying to run on, and stops loading

One thought we've had is to add WKWebView to this code. Has anyone done this successfully?