How do i change quiz question type once created?

Sep 20, 2013

For example,I have a multiple choice question allowing one answer as correct, that my SME now wants to have changed to a multiple select question. I don't see how i can change question type once created. Any ideas other than having to recreated from scratch. I only ask because this has happened to me several times lately so i thought i would ask if there is a way to edit rather than recreate.


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Andrew Sellon

Hi, Regina, and welcome!  To my knowledge, it is still not possible to change question types in Storyline once created.  I think it's a popular feature request, and if you make the request as well, it will help keep the need in front of the good folks at Articulate:

FYI, if you're working with a Freeform question, Ron Price has a workaround:

But as you'll see, even there it's somewhat involved.  For non-freeform questions, however, I'm not aware of a workaround at all.

Definitely add your name to the feature request list!  I think I've done it before, but will make the request again just in case.  I have no idea how easy/difficult it might be for the programmers--but it would be a huge help to all of us Storyline developers!  
Hope this helps,
melissa homer

It is SO disappointing to see this thread from 3 YEARS AGO and still this feature has not been addressed!  Customers ask to change the method in which students are asked a question ALL THE TIME and leaving developers to manually do the questions over from scratch is ridiculous.  There should at least be the ability to toggle between "multiple choice" and "multiple response" by now!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

I'm sorry to say that there hasn't been a change in this one yet Hillary - although we do track the feature requests and forum discussions to determine breadth of users impacted and the viability of current workarounds, solutions, etc. when looking to include things as new features. So every little bit does count and is seen by a member of our team.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Melissa - I updated my post above, as I thought it was about new question types in Rise! Monday brain.... 🙃 

The ability to change a question type is not something that we have in Storyline 3 or Storyline 360. In the meantime you could look at inserting a new slide and copying over the question text/answers to make it a bit faster than entering in that stuff from scratch. 

Judy McDonough

For me, I was wanting to change a multiple-choice to a T/F question.  Since the original format was multiple-choice, the learner was able to select both T AND F as their response, thus making their response incorrect.

To workaround this - without having to recreate a whole new quiz - I created two triggers: one on the "true" box and one on the "false" box.  "Change state of [true] to normal when user clicks [false]", and vice-versa.  Granted the selection checkbox is still a box (versus a radio button) but That's a small price to pay for the time saved.  Hope this helps!

Teresa Vanderpost

HI Ashley, any update on this option becoming a feature?  I just had to do it twice when my SME changed their mine and so I searched here to see if it was doable to go multiple choice to thought I would check in, if you know if it would be a possibility in the near future. :)



Shevi Yuval


I would like the feature too.

The way I have to deal with this in the meantime is to create the questions as elements in a freeform . It takes more time in the begging but if I need to change the question type I remove the freeform and then convert again choosing the question type I need.