How do i change quiz question type once created?

Sep 20, 2013

For example,I have a multiple choice question allowing one answer as correct, that my SME now wants to have changed to a multiple select question. I don't see how i can change question type once created. Any ideas other than having to recreated from scratch. I only ask because this has happened to me several times lately so i thought i would ask if there is a way to edit rather than recreate.


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Laura Bluem

Is there a way to see what feature requests have been posted, and maybe vote on them? It seems that this has been an ask for for than 5 years, and I'm also asking again because it would be SO helpful!!  So if I put in another a feature request, could it make any difference?

Teresa Vanderpost

HI Ashley, any chance after 8 years this might be coming soon?  Are you able to see where it is on the priority list, just happened to me with a SME again.  It would be such a huge win for Articulate and your users.  Just thought I would check.  I do watch the version history updates...but curious if there is a timeline.