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Crystal Horn

Hi there, JC.  We're tracking this issue where the "default" feedback text is reappearing in your layers even when you're using a customized layout.  It is using text from the Form View feedback sections.

For now, here's what to do.  Manually delete the default text and continue button on the slide layer.  The rest of your custom layout should remain.

The other option is to delete the text in the Correct and Incorrect sections in Form View.  You'll see that it deletes those layers.  You can add new layers, Correct and Incorrect and choose your layouts.  It will use those customized feedback layouts instead of the default Form View text. 

Let me know if either of those workarounds helps in the meantime!

JC Blanchard

Here is my file. It contains 2 question slides. On the first slide, I'm using custom feedback layers but the feedback text from the form view is still visible on the feedback layers.

On the second slide, I followed Crystal's advice and deleted the feedback text in form view. But that deleted my feedback layers. If I create new layers, SL does not respond when I click the submit button.